Acid Poems

the old colonial powers
avoided explaining the world
why they made such a mess
but don't you worry
I spoke gravely to them
and they are going to shape up
calm yourself
don't be a cuckold
who must show your pain continously
mind the true aesthetics
of an economic man
there are such things
as a life not worth living
but who is going to pull the trigger
don't make me laugh
you don't have what it takes
you never had and never will
all you can do is mourn
mourn for the fair
and mourn for the wicked
where have you been?
how come you are here now?
do you think you can get
to fucking Heaven of all places
if you just repent
don't be naive
here right here where we are
is Hell
we've been cast out here
after the rebellion
but even Hell can be a Heaven
with the right mindset
so dry those tears
and come
sharpen your tools
and sharpen yourself
we have a lot of work to do

reversed the roles
urged by this impulse
seized them when they passed
and drew them into this
series of disturbing events
the sad part of the story
is that it would be impossible
to ascertain the origin
of the craft whether it was
alien or just the reds
the truth of the matter
would remain unknown
the three references
he found of the event
in the books were
largely unconclusive
and traumas such as these
promised no gift
in fact with a childish seriousness
he interpreted it all
quite literally
to mean that he was mistaken
but in fact maybe
everybody else was mistaken
and those fucking bugmen
were in fact sending signals
to the moonmen
to come pick them up

even if there were
berdful islands
somewhere beyond the horizon
was it really worth it
to allow liberty of conscience
o jeopardize your life
indeed you can spend the whole day
thinking about pointless things
and forget to live your life
and do it every single day
until your whole existence
is nothing but a blur
this is a difficult and long journey
through a hostile universe
but it can be easy and even pleasant
if you take it one step at a time
I can foresee the violence
the valleys are always
much deeper than the peaks
and it is so steep a climb
to reach them at all
but reaching them
is totally worth it isn't it

funny how they
hardly ever see themselves
as ridiculous even when
they commit the most
absurd of mistakes
they go balls to the wall
and don't give a fuck
interestingly enough
our mutually frightful ideas
are nothing but dismal appeals
to the same higher power
manifested in perhaps
opposite ways

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