Bread, Rice and Coffee

the old colonial powers
avoided explaining the world
why they made such a mess
but don't you worry
I spoke gravely to them
and they are going to shape up
calm yourself
don't be a cuckold
who must show your pain continously
mind the true aesthetics
of an economic man
there are such things
as a life not worth living
but who is going to pull the trigger
don't make me laugh
you don't have what it takes
you never had and never will
all you can do is mourn
mourn for the fair
and mourn for the wicked
where have you been?
how come you are here now?
do you think you can get
to fucking Heaven of all places
if you just repent
don't be naive
here right here where we are
is Hell
we've been cast out here
after the rebellion
but even Hell can be a Heaven
with the right mindset
so dry those tears
and come
sharpen your tools
and sharpen yourself
we have a lot of work to do

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